3 Ways to Exude Self-Confidence: Body Language, Words and Your SMILE!

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3 Ways to Exude Self-Confidence: Body Language, Words, and Your SMILE!

Self-confidence is a positive trait and will set you apart from others. People want to know they can trust you and self-confidence is a good indicator that you can be relied upon. Sit up straight and make eye contact. People interpret your attitude and disposition in 3 major ways: Body language, Words and Your SMILE.

A smile can affect your mood, and your mood can affect your quality of life.  If you’re not smiling because your teeth are stained or discolored, you are probably not experiencing as much happiness and contentment as you could be having. Mental health experts say a smile definitely impacts your health, your relationships, and your overall wellbeing.

Smile and Dial

Did you know that a smile can be perceived over the phone? That’s right. The person on the other end of a phone call can hear the difference in your tone.

The advice to Smile and Dial has been around for years, and yet many people are unaware of this concept. It’s not taught in most homes or in school, and yet it is so very important. Those who have been exposed to foundational sales or customer service training have probably been taught this secret of successful communication. Unfortunately, newer entrants to the workforce are almost never given this advice.

A Good First Impression

When someone meets you for the first time, they always form an impression. The impression you make will be, in some ways subconscious.  Whether they know it or not, the person you meet is aware of what they like or don’t like in those first few seconds. An authentic smile is warm and inviting.

How Many Seconds Do You Have? 

You have anywhere from three to five seconds to make a good first impression. A big, bright smile will help! Be enthusiastic–but again, remember to be authentic. FAKE comes through loud and clear, even if you don’t say a word.

What if you’re embarrassed by tooth discoloration?

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