How Much is Too Much? 5 Signs You Might Be Wearing Too Much Makeup

Carli Bybel, makeup removal

Is there such a thing as too much makeup? Can you really over do it? There comes a time when enough is enough and knowing when is important so that you don’t look fake or overdone. There are also methods, as taught by beauty expert Caril Bybel, to apply makeup appropriately and look gorgeous.

Everyone has their own look and style and that’s okay; whatever it is. We all set our own personal limits, but sometimes we aren’t aware when we’ve gone overboard.

We’ve all seen people whose faces appear to be way overdone and sometimes it takes away from their natural beauty. Again, your style is your choice–but it’s still important to know when you might be able to scale down a little.

Gerard Cosmetics offers 5 things to look for as signs that you might be crossing the line. Consider them as you determine whether or not to tone down. A little makeup can go a long way.


Many people use mascara to lengthen eyelashes. Especially If you’re approaching middle age or have been using     mascara for years, your eyelashes might be on the shorter side. The temptation might be to glob it on. If your lashes look spidery or clumpy, you’re wearing too much mascara. Reduce the amount and brush on only until your eyelashes darken and thicken.


Some eyebrows are thin or light. Using a product like Brow Bar To Go by Gerard Cosmetics can help darken and shape your brows. Remember to be careful  not to over-extend your brows and make them look unnatural. Making them too thick can also create a look you might be unhappy with. The video below shows a great example (by Carli Bybel) of how to contour–including brows.

Visible Contour Lines

Contouring your face can enhance features and diminish characteristics you wish to make less obvious. If you watch the video above, you’ll see how Carli does a great job doing this. Make sure your contour lines are not obvious. You want to blend them into your skin so they appear as shadows.

  Cakey Powder

This issue is especially common among people with facial imperfections. Sometimes we think that by putting on extra layers of powder we’ll cover up acne scars, dark spots, etc, and that’s partially true–however, we can go overboard on the application. Signs that you’ve applied too much might be: powder on your clothing and “stiff face syndrome.

“Stiff face syndrome” is that feeling that your face is hard to move because you have too much makeup on.

  Obvious Lip Lines

When applying lip liner, be sure your lip pencil colors blend nicely with your lip color. There is a trend among some to line the lips with a very dark lip pencil color (even eyeliner) and then to make matters worse by over-extending the lip line. Not good.

Use a lip pencil color that matches your lip gloss or lipstick.  Click here to see Gerard Cosmetics lip products.

You’re beautiful just as you are. Use makeup to enhance your natural look without covering up what makes you special.

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