5 Whitening Lightning Ideas for Creating Holiday Fun at Work

Dial A Smile

Everybody makes their own fun on their own time, but creating holiday fun at work has several benefits. Staff morale is heightened when the workplace is seen as a great place to be, and not only to pay the bills.

Do you enjoy your job? Do you wake up on Monday mornings excited to jump out of bed and go to work? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re part of a lucky group of people who do what they love. If you’re a manager or business owner, you can make this happen for your employees. Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening knows the value of a smile and we’re sharing 5 ideas that will help put one on the faces of your staff.

Mix & Mingle Mondays

It’s no secret many people dread waking up on Monday mornings feeling excited about going to work. Truthfully, even if you love your job, it can be hard to go to work after a relaxing weekend at home or at social events. So, why not start the week off with the same?

Mix & Mingle Mondays can offer an incentive for employees to get to work early if you serve a continental breakfast/social hour before the start of the workday. Depending on how you plan, it can cost a little more than a buck and a half per person for a bagel or pastry, fresh fruit, and coffee or tea. Cheap, yes, and the benefits will astound you. Even if you can only afford to hold Mix & Mingle events once or twice a month you will see a difference in company morale.

Benefits include bonding among employees, an association of fun and positive feelings toward the company, and a feeling among employees of wanting to give back to the company by taking pride in their jobs.

Monthly Potluck 

Because most people are busy, this option is best scheduled once a month instead of weekly, but let your staff decide. They may want to do it more often. If so, GREAT!

A monthly potluck allows co-workers to be acknowledged for their awesome casserole or best-ever chocolate chip cookies. Fun times always include food and food always makes fun times better. The potluck can be set up during lunchtime so people can eat on their breaks or it can be helf after work–ON A WEEKDAY. No matter how much people enjoy their jobs, most want to leave as soon as they can on the weekend.

Door Prizes and Giveaways 

Everybody loves to win and everybody loves stuff. Give tickets to employees who are seen doing something right–going above and beyond the call of duty, being helpful to another staff member or management, SMILING, or offering great customer service. Whatever behavior or action you decide to reward, remember to reward.

At the end of the week or month, hold a drawing for something valuable: gift cards, overnight stays at tourist destination hotels, event or attraction tickets or a beautiful gift basket filled with products and special treats. Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening product bundles are great for this. Give away as many tickets as possible (maybe every hour or so) so people will be inclined to meet whatever criteria you set to receive tickets. You will be pleasantly surprised in at least TWO WAYS:

  1. Employees will vie to be the worker with the most tickets–hence quality of work and output will improve.
  2. Employee morale will skyrocket–as long as the prizes have value. You don’t have to do much if your budget is tight. Consider it an investment. Two prizes at $50 each or one prize at $100 is enough to excite most people in a small business.


Idea Number Four: Is there another business you relate well to? Businesses of the same size can compete with one another on some pre-set criteria. At the end of the month, whichever business wins can receive a trophy for display and lunch for the winning employees.

There are many things you can do to make Monday mornings something to look forward to and gain loyalty from your employees. Put smiles on their faces and remember to include Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening products so those dingy or discolored smiles will ALSO shine brightly.

Let Them Know

Our 5th Idea is something we hope you’re already doing. But sometimes we get busy and forget, or we think they know. Do your employees know you care? Are they aware that you appreciate them? Let them know by thanking them. It doesn’t have to cost a dime to say thank you.

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