Color Your Smile For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated as the day of romance and love. But friends and family also participate in the exchange of cards, candy and flowers, making this a day for everyone to express affection.
Gerard Cosmetics would love to help you Color Your Smile this February 14th
Have you picked out your Valentine’s Day colors? We have gorgeous reds and pinks and even purple hues to set off your lovely smile. Be sure to whiten teeth for your special day with Dial a Smile home teeth whitening system. It’s been a celebrity favorite since it entered the marketplace in 2010.
Color Your Smile Lip Glosses come in your perfect shade. You can even combine two shades or use with your favorite lipstick for your own custom color.

This video, by beauty expert, Alix Gibbs will give you a little background on Color Your Smile.

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Here are a couple of her swatch shots

In this video, Baily Van Der Veen also demonstrates a variety of swatches. Watch both videos and you can see the difference of different colors on different women.

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