A Message From Jennifer Gerard


Dear Loyal Friends & Supporters,

I was recently heard on social media using the word “ugly”.

I want to clarify that when I used the word “ugly” I was in no way referring to someone’s physical attributes. On the contrary, I was describing what I believed to be a very unfair, negative and unnecessary monologue regarding one individual’s opinion about my products.

While I believe that constructive criticism can be helpful, engaging and honest, sometimes individuals can take their opinions in a less-than constructive direction.

I strive to maintain the highest level of integrity with my products and I appreciate all of the support and loyalty from my friends and customers. I regret that my comments (which were intended to remain private) were made public and apologize to anyone negatively affected.

I value and love all people and have the deepest respect for each individual’s right to express their opinion.

Thank you all so much!

Jennifer Gerard

CEO Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning

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