Aging Gracefully: From the Tops of Your Teeth to The Tips of Your Toes!

Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone. From skin care to products that whiten your teeth there are ways of aging gracefully and naturally and products galore to support it. Some of these products can be made right in your kitchen!

History of Cold Cream                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I’m going to talk a little about what you can do to whiten teeth at home, but first I thought I’d share a few tidbits on cold cream. Cold cream looks a lot like whipped cream. It’s used to dissolve and remove makeup. Even if you don’t wear make up, you can use cold cream to soften your skin. This moisturizing mixture of emollients  Galen, a 2nd century Greek physician is said to have developed the first known cold cream as a combination of beeswax, olive oil, and rosewater.

Homemade Cold Cream                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Not all cold creams are created equal. Some are far from natural and contain chemicals. Harsh chemicals are no good for the skin and they do a number on aging. Making your own blend of cold cream will provide you with an inexpensive natural beauty treatment, sans alcohol, fragrances or dyes. The oil cleanses, while rosewater gently tones. Sensitive skin types benefit greatly from homemade tinctures.

Fresh, clean skin does wonders for a youthful glow, and white teeth make it even better. Brush with baking soda as a natural teeth whitener. Take a look at our Whitening Lightning products – also safe for your teeth and natural –  and see what you think. We have something for everyone.

Now, about those toes…. Pumice stone goes a long way. It’s inexpensive and will exfoliate dead skin to keep your feet smooth and younger looking. Now you have it all: cold cream for soft skin, Whitening Lightning products for teeth whitening, and pumice stone!

Santa Clarita Valley, CA innovator, Jennifer Gerard, launched Whitening Lightning as a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles, California in 2010. It has caught on with celebs and fans alike. To learn more about products, please visit

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