Answer to Tooth Decay? Aztec Sweetener Offers Hope For Teeth!

Lippia Dulcis

Is there an answer to tooth decay for those who love sugar? Lippia Dulcis, a sweetener used by ancient Aztecs in Mexico may offer hope for healthy teeth. Also known by common names, including Aztec sweet herb, bushy lippia, honeyherb and hierba dulce, this natural sweetener is said not to cause cavities.

Lippia Dulcis, a perennial shrub also used for asthma, has historically been used as a natural sweetener and medicinal herb in Mexico.  Parts of Central America also use it. The Aztecs and introduced to the Spanish when they arrived in Mexico.

Sugar is one of the major enemies of healthy, white teeth. The sticky substance also causes plaque, which leads to tartar, and from there to decay. Steer clear of the candy bowl this Halloween!

Does Candy Stain Teeth?

Candy doesn’t necessarily stain teeth, unless you’re eating red hot cinnamon or deep purple colored candies. But it’s still a good idea to pay special attention to dental care. Brushing regularly is the first step in battling discoloration. Dial A Smile will take it from there.

Dial A Smile home teeth whitening products allow you to whiten your teeth by scouring away the stains and discoloration that come from the foods and beverages we eat and drink. As we age, these stains are compounded and our once-white smiles become dingy. In just 20 minutes, Dial A Smile will bring back the bright. Your tooth color several shades whiter after your very first application. There are reasons teeth discolor with age. To read more click here:

Which Other Foods Stain Teeth? 

If you drink coffee or tea on a regular basis, your teeth are probably a little duller than they once were. Red wine will also have an effect, as does smoking. Berries are FULL of antioxidants, and also full of tooth-dying color. All sorts of fruit contain sugars and acids that provide the malicious bacteria in your mouth with a feast. Besides doing a number on the color of your enamel, they also lead to cavities, just as candy does. Be sure to brush, brush, brush!

One thing you want to be careful of is brushing teeth right before consuming foods or beverages that stain. Wait a little while. The reason for this is when brushing immediately beforehand, your teeth might absorb the color of your foods or beverages. Better to brush before you leave the house and then use a breath mint or chew gum when out for the evening.

Easy on The Sugar!

Bacteria feed on sugar, so everytime you gulp down a soda or chew on a handful of Skittles, you’re coating your teeth in bacteria food. Even though Lippia Dulcis is a miracle sweetener, it hasn’t made it into candies or the general market yet. It’s 1,000 times sweeter than sugar so that would be the challenge. Until scientists and bakers find a way to use it, limit your intake of sugar, especially in sticky types of candies.

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