Are Discolored Teeth Eating Away at You? Bite Back!


Food dyes bear the brunt of much scrutiny when it comes to our overall health and wellness, and rightfully so. Chemicals and unnatural dyes are not good for our bodies. They’re not good for the color of our teeth either.

But they’re not the only culprits when it comes to discolored teeth. There’s a laundry list of natural foods and beverages that do just as much—if not more—damage to our would-be white teeth.

Pomegranates are high in cleansing antioxidants, but oh, what a number their rich, burgundy juice does on our teeth. Other berries and dark colored fruits are right up there with them, discoloring.

Hang on avid coffee lovers. Before you breathe a sigh of relief, your teeth also probably show the effects of war waged by your favorite beverages. Yes, you too, tea drinkers! These two beverages are probably among the worst enemies of white teeth. 

Never fear! Whitening Lightning teeth whitening system will not only help you reverse the damage done to the surface of your tooth enamel as a result of daily combat with food and beverage, but we’ll help you do it painlessly and without much effort, even while you sleep. Our natural teeth whitening products were carefully developed in our labs not just because you care, but because we care too.      


For whiter teeth, here’s a little something else to chew on. Crudité and raw, crunchy foods are not only low in calories but they’ll also help you produce more saliva to wash away teeth staining foods before they attack!

You’ll win the battle while Whitening Lightning teeth whitening system wages the war against teeth discoloration.   


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