Reorganize Your Makeup Bag with Custom Cosmetics by Gerard Cosmetics!

How old is your makeup? Do you refresh your colors seasonally?

Fresh makeup is not only fun, but also good hygiene. Although there are many opinions on when to toss your eyeliners and mascara, most beauty experts say it’s wise to replace after 6-18 months. Bacteria can grow rampantly on the ends of tiny brushes and applicators and will find it’s way to your eyes eventually. Expired cosmetics can cause skin irritation and infection. There’s nothing pretty about a painful eye infection caused by tainted makeup.

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Since cosmetics aren’t required to list expiration dates, make sure to keep track of when you opened them. Because it comes into close contact with your eyes, eyeliner should be thrown away after 6 months. Lipstick lasts about 18 months. If it has a funny smell, toss it sooner!

Aside from proper hygiene, it’s also fun to change colors throughout the year and to try trendy shades. If you only use lipstick, why not try a gloss or two this winter? Glosses are great for the holidays.

WL M 5 Swatches



For those who like red lip color, there’s no such thing as RED lipstick anymore. There are hundreds of shades of red — orange reds, blue reds and more.

Fire engine

Gerard Cosmetics recently launched our new lipstick line and its becoming just as popular as our Color your Smile Lip Glosses. Between the two, red shades include Fire Engine Red, Candy Apple Red and gorgeous orange-red Sunset! Choose the one that will match your outfit best. There are day reds and sultry night reds — don’t be afraid to go WILD!

This winter you’ll see lots of deep ruts and browns on the clothing racks along with other trendy colors. Be sure you’ve got some fresh color to compliment them in your makeup bag!

Turn the tables on fashion this season: Have you ever thought of taking your favorite lipstick on shopping trips and instead of searching for lipstick to match your clothes, find clothes to match your favorite shade! Check out some of the new Color Your Smile shades. You don’t have to wait until you have something to match them!

Southern California innovator and CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled her home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene in 2010.  Whitening Lightning became an international rage among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. In 2014 sister company, Gerard Cosmetics  took center stage. Beauty experts around the world are thrilled by the quality of these fine cosmetic products.



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