It’s Not About Me (But It Really Is) Reviews Whitening Lightning

    Thank you to media personality, Karen Salkin, for letting us know how much you love Whitening Lightning teeth whitening products! We also appreciate Karen’s endorsement of our plumping Lip Gloss and Brow Bar To Go! If you’re familiar with our teeth whitening products but didn’t know Whitening Lightning also offers cosmetic brands, please

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Whitening Lightning Loves Shilo Jolie-Pitt in Junk Food!

Why would Whitening Lightning, a company that produces teeth whitening products endorse junk food? Check out this link and you’ll see why: We found this photo of Shilo Pitt on the Elite Divas Fashion blog and wanted to share it with you. We’re not talking about chips and chocolates. The Junk Food we’re talking

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Take a Peek! Whitening Lightning one of $3,936 in Gifts: Emmys Gifting Suite Official Bag

Photo Courtesy of Backstage Creations Are you familiar with This Whitening Lightning favorite is a site beyond belief. Not only will their articles make you smile, but they also have tons and tons of great tips and information on food, health, how-tos and more. Last week Whitening Lightning and our CEO, Jennifer Gerard were

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