Beyond Tooth Decay: Dental Hygiene and Tooth Whitening Are Important


Bad breath and gum disease are well known as consequences of poor dental hygiene. Not brushing regularly can also result in tooth discoloration, and tooth discoloration can effect self image.

WL REALLY yellow teeth

Did you know that studies show there are also other possible effects–some more serious than tooth decay and gum disease? A 20-year study looking at psychological, medical and oral health in Danish men and women showed some interesting correlations. The study began in 1964 and ended in 1984, when the subjects were all over the age of 70.

Here’s what was discovered:

Cognitive function was shown to be impaired in those who had gum disease. Study participants were nine times more likely to have a score in the lower range of the cognitive test – the “digit symbol test” (DST) – if they had inflammation of the gums. Look for further study of this subject in the future.


Today there’s even more support for good dental hygiene. But even if you brush regularly, you still wont remove all of the stains caused by foods, beverages, coffee or tea. If you smoke, you’re likely to have even more to battle.

Teeth whitening that uses harmful chemicals is under scrutiny. That’s why Whitening Lightning developed a safe home teeth whitening system that works safely without compromising effectiveness. The step-by-step video below was created by beauty vlogger, Carli Bibel. It’s about eight minutes long. Check it out!

Dental hygiene is a big part of overall healthcare. Teeth whitening is a great way to care for your teeth and your big, bright smile. Choose Whitening Lightning for home teeth whitening. Our quality is guaranteed.
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