Are Your Brows Too Thin? Try Brow Bar To Go By Whitening Lightning

Whether we’re talking about clothing, hair or cosmetics–style is always changing. Just like everything else over the years, eyebrows have made their own variety of fashion statements. Sometimes thicker brows are in style and other times thinner lines above the eyes have been the preference. No matter what shapes, colors or styles fashion dictates, Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightning is a must-have. Celebrities and beauty experts agree; there’s nothing like it!

WL Carli Bybel Eyes #2

Shape and shade your brows easily and create a professional look with Brow Bar To Go. The attached demo video by Carli Bybel shows you how you can have salon-perfect brows from home. Click here to watch:




Do you color your hair? Go wild! With all the great hair colors on the market, enjoy any look you like. With Brow Bar To Go you won’t have to worry about your brow color. Shade them to match! brow_bar_to_go_hi_res__34760.1348001744.1080.1080

Have you ever gone pluck-happy? If you’ve been a over zealous with the tweezers, no worries. Brow Bar To Go will help you fill in gaps and thin areas for a smooth, shapely brow line. Follow Carli’s step-by-step instructions and see how easy it is to have gorgeous brows.

Carli hand-picked some her favorite Whitening Lightning products for this special bundle: Check out Carli’s Spring Beauty Essentials here:

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