BE! Trends Magazine Must-Haves: Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks and BLO&GO

The Holiday Looks Issue #46 of BE! Trends Magazine highlighted Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks as one of it’s Holiday MUST-HAVES. Red is the traditional color of the holidays. It actually stimulates the emotions by increasing the heart rate. Our breathing becomes more rapid. The holidays are a festive time of year, when bright colors–especially shades of

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The Pot of Gold at The End of Every Rainbow: Gerard Cosmetics Has Gold Makeup!

You’ve found it–your pot of gold! Gerard Cosmetics launched a high quality cosmetic line that won’t break the bank, and your treasure awaits you at Gold has always been linked to brilliance, opulence and shine, and Gerard Cosmetics brings it home to you this holiday season and beyond. According to Hollywood legend, makeup artist,

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