Celebrities and Fashion Industry Leaders Tout Benefits of Whitening Lightning

If teeth whitening can be demonstrated in front of a TV audience, think of how easy it can be to whiten teeth at home.  This video of a segment of the Ricki Lake Show let’s you in on just how simple it is to dazzle your smile with Whitening Lightning. http://www.whiteninglightning.com/whitening-lightning-on-rikki-lake/   FOREVER ADRINA Recently,

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Whitening Lightning Loves Shilo Jolie-Pitt in Junk Food!

Why would Whitening Lightning, a company that produces teeth whitening products endorse junk food? Check out this link and you’ll see why: http://elitedivasfashion.blogspot.com/2011/07/shiloh-jolie-pitt-in-junk-food.html We found this photo of Shilo Pitt on the Elite Divas Fashion blog and wanted to share it with you. We’re not talking about chips and chocolates. The Junk Food we’re talking

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