Whitening Lightning Emmy Giveaway Alert! Here’s How You Can Win

Everybody loves to win. Whitening Lightning teeth whitening customers are always winners, and we’re winners for having your support over the last three years. Our at-home-teeth whitening products have brightened the smiles of tens of thousands people across the globe. Over the last couple of week’s we’ve been busy introducing our teeth whitening products with

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Dancing with the Stars Announces This Season’s Line-up! Whitening Lightning Will Be There Again

Whitening Lightning will once again be strapping on our dancing shes and sashaying backstage at this season’s Dancing with the stars. The new cast was recently announced: Among them will be actress Valerie Harper, “King of Queens” star Leah Remini, and TV personality Jack Osbourne.Also vying for the mirrorball trophy are former NFL star Keyshawn

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Today! Make Sure to Catch this Interview at 1:00pm PST with Whitening Lightning Founder Jennifer Gerard!

It happens today and you Don’t want to miss it! It’s Your Health Radio will interview Jennifer Gerard, the founder of Whitening Lightning at home teeth whitening  and creator of the internationally popular teeth whitening system Dial a Smile. Whitening Lightning products are safe, effective and pain-free, setting them apart from other teeth whitening systems.

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