Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning Partner up … for Halloween???


What do Hollywood’s favorite home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning and high-quality Cosmetic Company, Gerard Cosmetics have in common? Well, first, we’re sister companies. Gerard Cosmetics joined Whitening Lightning (2010) as a beauty industry leader in 2014. The second thing we have in common is that we make a great pair during Halloween season. Here’s why:

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Dull, Dingy, Discolored … Do One or More of These Describe your Teeth?

Dial a Smile home teeth whitening system

Dull, dingy, and discolored … do one or more of these words describe your teeth? If so, you’re probably less likely to enjoy smiling. Oftentimes people whose teeth meet this description are self-conscious. You may have tried whitening toothpaste and other products but are still unhappy with the way your teeth look.  Whitening Lightning has a

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