Why Do Japanese Women Pay For Crooked Teeth? The Yaeba Look

Yaeba Teeth

While most people pay to have crooked teeth straightened, some Japanese women pay for crooked teeth. The Yaeba look, as it is called, is said to be found attractive to Japanese men, who find it “childlike”. The process involves crowding the teeth and attaching fang-like teeth to the canines. Yaeba literally means ‘multilayered’ or ‘double’ tooth, and describes

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Sophisticates Magazine Winter Beauty Blowout Features Dial A Smile

WL Sophisticates 3

Contest Alert! This month’s Sophisticates Magazine Winter Beauty Blowout features Dial A Smile home teeth whitening system by Whitening Lightning. Dial A Smile was first introduced in 2010 as one of the first tray-less home teeth whitening products on the market. Trays were messy and uncomfortable and so Dial A Smile rose quickly in popularity, especially

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