Color Your World With Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss

Now that you’ve brightened your smile with one of the Whitening Lightning teeth whitening systems, all eyes will be on your lips. Have you tried Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss by Whitening Lightning?

Visit and click on the tab marked BEAUTY. Get ready to smile! All shades of pink and red and taupe will dazzle your imagination. So hard to choose! Colors like Raspberry Sherbet and Candy Apple make way for deeper tones and lighter shades and a few you might never have seen before!

Whitening Lightning Bahama Lip Gloss

One-of-a-kind shades like our Bahama Exotic are guaranteed to get you noticed. Be the first in your circle of friends to wear it! And don’t be concerned if you can’t pick your favorite color–trios are available.

WL Color My Smile trio

Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss also wows celebrities and their fans. Dancing with the Starts, Emmy and Oscars Parties have introduced Whitening Lightning to the Hollywood set and they couldn’t be more amazed by all our products.

Each Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss contains collagen peptides to boost moisture and fullness for the perfect pout! Which of our plumping lip glosses is your favorite?

Southern California innovator, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene as a mobile teeth whitening service in 2010. Her company grew rapidly and soon Whitening Lightning became an international rage as well as a favorite for teeth whitening among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. For information on at home teeth whitening products, please visit


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