Color Your Smile by Whitening Lightning Reviewed by IE Mommy

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 I’m sure all the mommies out there are bizEE! Not only are you trying to keep up with creating family holiday traditions, but this time of year brings lots of other tasks to add to your To-Do list. You’ll be doing a lot of smiling, so make sure to add one more thing: teeth whitening–more specifically AT HOME TEETH WHITENING by Whitening Lightning!

Finally something you can do in your PJs!

In the 20 minutes it takes to go from dingy to dynamic you can cross a few other things off your list, such as:  writing holiday cards, holiday meal menu planning, gift deliveries, and a few other things. Just be sure to use a times because that 20 minutes goes fast; even 4-5 shades whiter. Visit the Whitening Lightning blog to watch a few short demos and teeth whitening reviews from beauty bloggers.

Speaking of reviews… Please click below to see why the IE Mommy has included Whitening Lightning Products in her Holiday Gift Guide.

Please visit the Whitening Lightning website to learn about all of our cosmetics and Eco-friendly at home teeth whitening products

Be sure to look for holiday specials and coupon codes!

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Southern California innovator, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene as a mobile teeth whitening service in 2010. Her company grew rapidly and soon Whitening Lightning became an international rage as well as a favorite for teeth whitening among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. For information on at home teeth whitening products, please visit

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