Your Complexion Shimmers with Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme Plus!

Your complexion needs daily care to be its best. Preserving your youthful glow and protecting your skin is your first line of defense against aging. we can’t prevent aging, nor should we want to–we all grow older and as we do, so does our skin. But there are a few things we can do to age gracefully. One of those is using Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme Plus.

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What is BB Creme?

Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme can be worn all by itself,  as a cream highlighter, or as a primer. It can also be combined with your favorite foundation or moisturizer. In general, BB cremes have been becoming popular for their anti-aging, hydrating and brightening properties.

Whitening Lightnig bb plus facial creme product imageGerard Cosmetics BB Creme Plus has illuminating particles that deflect imperfections so you can look your best, always. Starting with good habits is important. Here are a few tips for a pretty complexion, no matter what your age:

1) Use natural products. Always read labels.

2) Stay away from soap. It can dry your skin and actually damage it. It’s highly alkaline.

3) Minimize UV exposure. It will age your skin prematurely and has been linked to skin cancer.  If you plan to be out in the sun, wear a wide-rimmed hat. Use a good quality sunblock to protect your skin–one with zinc oxide.

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4) Good nutrition! Most people don’t think of what we eat affecting our skin, but it definitely does! Eat plenty of fibrous foods like raw fruits and veggies and grains. Impurities are often caused by digestive issues, and this affects our skin because impurities are released through the skin.


Now I’m going to say something you might not want to hear: avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes! These along with stress are major enemies of the skin. Get plenty of rest, avoid stress and drink lots of water and you’ll do your complexion a big favor.

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Ready for BB Creme Plus? Visit to learn more. That super-shiny glow is just a step away!






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