Carli Bybel Demo: Contour and Sculpt Your Features with Brow Bar To Go

If you weren’t born with the nose you’d love to have, or your cheek bones aren’t as defined as you’d like, Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightning will help you get the look you want. In this video, beauty expert Carli Bybel demonstrates how she uses Brow Bar To Go to contour before she creates one of her signature looks:

Noses–some are long, some are wide. They’re thin, broad or turned up.Carli Bybel Nose

If you’d like to lengthen your nose, follow Carli’s tip:  After you contour your brows, draw a thin line down both sides of your nose and under the tip. Blend in. To widen your nose, just draw a darker line more toward the sides of your nose instead of the center as you would for slenderizing.

wl bybel nose 5 Wl bybel nose 6


Would you like well-defined cheek bones? Take your brush and blend a little Brow Bar To Go color in. If you’re not sure where your cheekbones are, pucker up and follow the line. Be sure not to brush too high. you don’t want a big brown smudge on your cheeks.

Carli Bybel Demo


You can also use Brow Bar To Go to contour the areas around your forehead, chin and neck. What the video above as Carli demonstrates how to do it.

Carli Bybel Demo wl bybel nose 9


Use Brow Bar To Go under your foundation to sculpt the look you want to achieve. It’s not just for eyebrows anymore!

brow bar To Go


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