Dental Hygiene and Teeth Whitening in Ancient Times


Have you ever thought about the history of dental hygiene? Some say the first toothbrush was invented in China.

Others say the toothbrush wasn’t invented until 1857. What did people do before that?

WL Ancient toothbrush

In medieval times they rinsed their mouths with water to remove remnants from their meals. It was also commonplace to rub or scrub teeth with a clean cloth to wipe tartar buildup and left over food particles from the teeth.

Without toothpaste and mouthwash, how did people freshen their breath? Chewing herbs such as mint, cloves, cinnamon or sage were used as fresheners and a mixture of mint and vinegar was a popular rinse.

HerbsAlas, Whitening Lightning wasn’t around in those days so not too many people had bright smiles. Even the wealthy and privileged had brown teeth. They used tooth picks to clean edible debris out of the teeth and bay leaves soaked in orange flower water mixed with musk to combat stains.

Luckily, we live in a time when home teeth whitening products are readily available. Dial A Smile teeth whitening system takes just 20 minutes to dissolve discoloration and stains, leaving your teeth shiny-white. Use our Super Booster Whitening Pen for teeth that are shades whiter in just 7-14 days! Dial A Smile is popular with Hollywood celebrities and people all around the world.


Zero White teeth whitening kit is a gentle product preferred by those with sensitive teeth. Even pregnant and nursing moms can use it safely. (*Be sure to consult your doctor before using any products when pregnant or nursing). Zero White is specially formulated in the Whitening Lightning Laboratory to be mild yet effective. It’s made of natural ingredients and as with all of Whitening lightning products, there’s no animal testing. We’re a Cruelty free company.

The first step to a brighter smile is good gentle hygiene. brush often and well to remove food particles after you eat. Visit your dentist regularly and follow up with Whitening lightning home teeth whitening kits to restore and retain the brilliance!

Be glad you didn’t live in medieval times: barbers would also operate as dentists and would extract teeth that were rotting or bothering a person profusely. But they didn’t always have to pull teeth. Sometimes they were able to muck out the junk in teeth and create fillings. Whew!

Whitening Lightning super booster and brow bar product imageZero White Teeth Whitening Systemsale-shop-now-sidebarsultry-sixBB Creme

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