Do Lines Around The Mouth and Facial Wrinkles Make You Want to SCREAM?


Those pesky wrinkles! Once we get to a certain age — and it’s different for everyone — we begin to notice lines around the mouth. Facial wrinkles make us want to scream — also appearing on the forehead, below our eyes, and between eyebrows. What, if anything can we do about them?

Here’s a valuable discussion about facial wrinkles  offered by Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning.

The Kinds of Lines

Those tiny wrinkles and lines around the mouth have a name. They are called perioral wrinkles. They’re caused by several factors, including age, genetics, and sun exposure. Even smoking can cause tiny lines to form, and sad to say, a lot earlier than they would naturally appear.

Nasolabial lines, called smile lines, run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They appear as we age and the older we get, the more pronounced they become. On the positive side, can actually add personality to the face. Just pay attention to people’s faces when they smile and see if you agree.

Vertical wrinkles found at the corners of the mouth are referred to as Marionette lines.  They extend from the corners down the face toward the chin–sometimes all the way down TO THE CHIN. These lines can give the mouth a downturned expression, like a frown. Even when you are relaxed, they can make you look serious or angry.

The vertical lines above your upper lip and sometimes below, are mostly caused by regular lip movements, such as talking. They are unavoidable. Sometimes waxing contributes to these wrinkles, but the major culprit is smoking.

Some women (and men) choose Botox or surgery to combat wrinkles, but there are potential side effects. Think very hard about anything you do to alter your skin or features. There are other ways to combat wrinkles.

How Do You Prevent Lines and Wrinkles?

Unfortunately, there’s not a way to prevent wrinkles entirely, but you do have some control over how early lines begin to appear. Gerard Cosmetics says there are ways to minimize and delay facial wrinkling.

One thing you can do is learn how to relax your facial muscles. Be aware of when you are tensing your face. Even though happiness is something we strive for, smile lines are most likely for those with expressive faces. Does this mean you should try not to smile? No. It means be aware of when you are tensing your facial muscles for no reason.

Exercise your facial muscles. Muscle tone can deter wrinkling, especially around your mouth. The lost facial collagen can be made up with muscles, and facial exercises help in rebuilding these muscles. There are different types of exercises that you can find at various sources, including asking your doctor. Yes, facial exercises are an effective way to prevent future wrinkles.

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