Do You Take Your Teeth For Granted?

Dial a Smile home teeth whitening system

Do you take your teeth for granted?

Those pearly whites that line the inside your mouth are something many people take for granted.

We use them to eat and we generally try to take good care of them (hopefully) by brushing and flossing each day. The more dedicated among us even use mouthwash from time to time. Some go even further by whitening teeth at home.

Different Teeth Have Different Jobs

Have you ever stopped to think about the types of teeth you have and what each kind of tooth does? We basically have four types of teeth — actually, five if you happen to have wisdom teeth.

Our incisors are the eight teeth in the front and center of our mouths (four on top and four on the bottom). These are the teeth we use to take bites of your food. They’re typically the first ones to develop, usually at around six months old.

The next teeth on the scene are our four canines. They’re the sharpest ones and we use them to tear your food apart. If we didn’t have those teeth, our diets might consist solely of pudding and cottage cheese!

Next up are our premolars, or bicuspids. Those teeth do the heavy lifting. They are used for chewing and grinding food. And then we have your molars, which essentially do the same thing, and finally your “third molars.” Those are better known as wisdom teeth. They generally don’t show up until we’re around 18 to 20. And as we all know, they can be a royal pain — LITERALLY — and eventually, have to be removed because they’re crowding out our other teeth.

So there you have it. That’s your tutorial on teeth. And the bottom line? You really need to take care of them by brushing and flossing. They all have an important job to do and you’re the only one who can ensure that they stay healthy and stick around!

If your teeth are discolored or you have stains that don’t just brush away, DIAL A SMILE home teeth whitening by is here to your rescue!

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