Does The Weather Affect Your Teeth?

WL Discolored Teeth

When cold weather season begins you may notice that your teeth become more sensitive. A lot of people do. The intensity of the sensitivity varies from person to person.

Other things, like allergies, affect your teeth, and interestingly some of them also affect tooth color.

Some antibiotics can discolor your bright smile. Open your mouth and say cheese: if you have a tan or brown line across your teeth tetracycline may be the culprit. Some vitamins or a lack of certain minerals  can have an effect.

Whitening Lightning teeth whitening products can make your teeth shades whiter in just 20 minutes. And for those with sensitive teeth, we’re painless! Made of all natural ingredients, we’ll give that dull grill a big Whitening Lightning Hug and viola!

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about discolored teeth. Read our blog and testimonials. They speak for themselves. Thousands of our happy clients all over the world are smiling once again – even when the weather gets cold!

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