Don’t Wait till Spring to Clean Out Your Makeup Bag!

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Don’t wait till spring to clean out your makeup bag. Do it tomorrow. Here are a few tips about how and why you need to do this sooner rather than later.

Start with Brushes  

A good place to begin when cleaning out your makeup bag is with your brushes and applicators. Don’t forget your sponges! Even if they look to be in good shape, these are a few things you want to replace frequently.

Those bristles on your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for GERMS. Even if you’ve only used them a few times, they can be loaded with bacteria.

Bacteria accumulates from the residue left by old makeup and the oils from your skin. Where you store brushes and applicators could be another danger zone. Open your makeup bag and look inside? Does it look sanitary?

Open your makeup bag and look inside? Does it look sanitary? If you store brushes and applicators in the bathroom, it’s even worse!

How do you clean your tools? Makeup brushes, sponges, and applicators can be cleaned by carefully washing them with a natural soap and warm water. Allow them to air dry on a towel before using again. How often do you clean them? It’s a good idea to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week. You could even give them a quick rinse after each use.

How often do you clean them? Wash your makeup brushes and applicators at least once a week. Giving them a quick rinse after each use is also a good idea.


Germs run rampant in the mouth and some of them get on your lips. What’s on your lips gets on your lipstick. Even if you haven’t been kissing anyone lately, you have plenty of your own oral bacteria to be concerned about.

The most common harmful bacterium is Streptococcus mutans. This bacterium is probably the most familiar to you. It lives in the crevasses and corners of your mouth and feeds on the sugars and starches from the foods you eat. Yuck!

How do you clean your lipstick–or do you just throw it away? Eventually, you’ll throw your unused lipstick away, but you can also clean it with a cosmetic sanitizer wipe. Just rub off the surfaces of the lipstick.

Another thing you can do to kill germs is to put your lipstick in the freezer overnight. The next morning, allow it to come back to room temperature before applying to your lips.

Blush and Powder

Any of your pressed powder-based face products can be disinfected by pouring regular old isopropyl alcohol into a spray bottle and then spritzing them. Don’t drench them. A light spritz will do the trick.

Anything that touches your eyes should also be sanitized. You can also use isopropyl alcohol applied to a cotton swab to clean out your pencil sharpeners. Apply it to a cotton ball to clean all your metal tools.

Your Most Important Tip

The most important tip you can remember is to pay attention to expiration dates on any product you use on your skin, hair, ANYWHERE on your body. Chemicals break down and can go from harmless to dangerous.

  • Two-Three Months

Toss mascara, your loofa, sponges, face peels and masks.

  • Six-Twelve Months

Pitch the liquid eyeliner, concealer, eye cream, foundation, and facial cleanser.

  • A Year or So

Say good-bye to lip gloss, cream eye shadow, eyebrow gel

  • Two Years

If you still have them–throw away lip and eye pencils, lipstick, powder foundation and even nail polish.

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