White Teeth, Not Wine Stained Teeth! Here are a few tips



Red wine is one of the major culprits of stained teeth. But ask any connoisseur if it’s worth giving up that glass of Cabernet or port and most will say, no way.

We agree! Red wine has been a culinary pleasure for as long as human beings discovered how to ferment grapes. Instead, we’d like to give wine lovers a few hints to avoid the perils of discolored teeth.  

The first thing you can do to hang onto your white teeth is to brush before eating and drinking. This not only goes for wines, but for other foods and beverages that stain teeth. Wine, coffee and dark fruits can actually stain the plaque on your teeth. Brushing before you consume will minimize dimming of your bright smile.


What if your smile’s already in trouble?

Whitening Lightning is here to the rescue! Our internationally acclaimed teeth whitening system will begin to bring back that glimmer in no time at all. In fact, many Whitening Lightning customers report amazing results after the first use. 

Although brushing will help prevent teeth stains before you drink wine, DON’T brush immediately after. Wine is acidic and this acid might make the enamel on your teeth’s surface vulnerable to abrasion. Wait a few hours.

Go ahead, wine away the hours (sensibly, of course). Whitening Lightning teeth whitening products and at home teeth whitening system will be waiting for you after last call.  



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