Eco-Friendly Teeth Whitening at Home with Zero White Teeth Whitening System

Growing numbers of  people are converting to Eco-friendly personal products, including products for Eco-friendly teeth whitening at home. Be cautious — read labels! Not all products are safe for the environment and many are not all that safe for you, either.

You’ve come to the right place! Zero White Teeth Whitening System by Whitening Lightning is not only Eco-friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals so it’s safe even for pregnant and nursing moms. (Ask your doctor before using any products while pregnant or nursing.)

WL Zero White Pen

Zero White is formulated with an all-natural blend of botanical ingredients and baking-soda. Use it at home for a gentle, effective treatment. Just 20 short minutes and four easy steps!
Some people shy away from home teeth whitening products any kind because they taste bad. They’d rather sacrifice a sparkling smile than deal with that bitter, disgusting taste in their mouths. Customers of Whitening Lightning have found that Zero White has a sweet minty flavor that’s neither harsh nor unpleasant.
Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Say good-bye to pain and discomfort with Zero White teeth whitening system. A beautiful smile shouldn’t be painful! All Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening products are formulated to provide amazing results easily and effortlessly. Our whitening pens fit neatly into a purse or brief case so you can whiten anywhere at any time.  Learn more. Watch this short video review of Zero White whitening pens by beauty vlogger, ANGIE:
Southern California innovator, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene as a mobile teeth whitening service in 2010. Her company grew rapidly and soon Whitening Lightning became an international rage as well as a favorite for teeth whitening among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. For information on at home teeth whitening products, please visit