Failing to Choose is Choosing

Most people think that if they aren’t making active choices, they aren’t choosing. Wrong! Failing or neglecting to make a choice is still choosing. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Choices result in outcomes.

Choosing the right products and foods these days requires a lot more attention than it used to. The use of chemicals and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is staggering and we don’t even know how they will affect us years down the road.

Most people know that organic food is a great choice for our health and the health of the environment. But did you ever stop to think about what’s in the products you use on your body or in your home? Whitening Lightning would like to do our part in helping you to find and choose organic products and consumables.

Here are a few tips:

When looking for green food products, purchasing both local and organic is ideal. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers for referrals to green markets.

When buying products directly, Ask questions! Inquire whether products are certified organic. These issues are important to your health.

Read labels: Packaged foods are often clearly marked with a certified organic seal. Fruits and vegetables typically contain stickers that contain a product look up (PLU) code to help identify how the food was produced. Organic produce has a 5-digit code that begins with a 9, conventional produce has a 4-digit code that begins with a 3 or 4, and genetically modified produce has a 5-digit code that begins with an 8.

The skin is the largest organ and absorbs all kinds of elements that find their way into our bloodstream and other organs. Our mouths soak up whatever we put into them. This is why it was vital as Whitening Lightning products were developed that they be SAFE; even for children.

Most people think that organic foods and products are too expensive. Stick with in-season varieties, buy in bulk when possible and weigh out the value of health and wellness. Do the best you can to buy green whenever possible.

It’s your choice!

Santa Clarita Valley, CA innovator, Jennifer Gerard, launched Whitening Lightning as a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles, California in 2010. It has caught on with celebs and fans alike. To learn more about products, please visit



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