Fall Breezes Can Dry Lips — Advice from Gerard Cosmetics


Fall breezes feel great but they can dry lips and skin. No fun! Dryness can also do painful damage. Gerard Cosmetics, manufacturer of some of the world’s favorite lip products, offers advice on how to prevent and repair dryness.

The major culprits:

  • Lip-licking
  • The Sun
  • Dehydration
  • Alergies
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Poor Quality Products

Let’s talk about each of these things:

The wind doesn’t dry our lips by itself. Lip-licking makes matters so much worse. The problem with licking is that it feels good to moisten lips when they’re dry, but when our saliva dries, it takes the natural moisture with it. Our tender lip tissue soon cracks and splits. It scabs over but when you smile — OUCH! it splits again.

Here Comes The Sun!  

The sun is often blamed for drying our skin and even causing premature aging. Is this true? Absolutely! Under the sun’s dry heat  our skin and especially our lips are quite vulnerable. This is not only true in summer but all year round.

Dehydration is villainous and an enemy of health and wellness in general. As for lips, it shows up right away. In fact, dry peeling lips are an indicator of dehydration.

Most of us are aware of the beauty benefits of drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated keeps our skin soft. When we don’t get enough fluids, our skin and lips shrivel up, just as a sponge does when the water evaporates out of it.

When we try to get our nail polish to dry quickly, we BLOW on it. Unfortunately, our breath is not so helpful when it comes to our lips. Our breath dries our lips. It might not be easy to retrain your breathing and breathe from your nose, but give it a shot. Your lips will thank you.


Sneezing and sniffling are just a couple of allergy symptoms. Pollen, animal dander, and certain forms of vegetation can bring on these symptoms as well as dry skin and cracked, flaky lips. Certain foods, chemicals and various other products can bring on symptoms as well.  Ask your doctor if there are any remedies for  allergy symptoms.

Any home remedies? Yes!

  • Coconut oil is also a natural moisturizer, as are honey and olive oil. Apply to ylips several times a day to keep them moist.
  • Cucumber is an inexpensive moisturizer. This is why people put a slice over their eyes. It reduces dryness. Either cucumber juice or a slice of cucumber can be applied over lips to make them soft.

Always use high-quality lip products like those from Gerard Cosmetics. Whether you prefer lipstick, lip gloss or other lip products, be sure to take them off at night and moisturize to replace any lost moisture throughout the day.

Those fall breezes are blowing!

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