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All eyes are on at-home teeth whitening product innovator, Whitening Lightning and couldn’t help but take notice. Of our company they had this to say:

“In a recent chat with actor Sean Kanan from the Bold & The Beautiful he revealed to us that he uses Whitening Lightning’s Home Teeth Whitening System to keep his pearly whites in tip top shape. Other celebrities who are raving about Whitening Lightning include Actor Dominic Scott Kay from “Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End”, actress Beverley Mitchell from “7th Heaven”, actress Alexa Vega from “Spy Kids” and many more. It is clear that Tinseltown has given this product its stamp of approval but we at fashionWATCH had to try it for ourselves.”

Whitening Lightning has put the smile back on many faces over the last 3 years, and this fashionWATCH reviewer had “brilliant results” after just 20 minutes! The best part is that the experience was painless and quick!  Check out the review for yourself:

WL Dial a Smile from FashionWatch

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