Fundraiser! Whitening Lightning and Oriana’s Skin Therapy: 100 Percent of Proceeds go to Domestic Violence Center

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In an effort to raise at least $1,000 and with a goal of $5,000, Whitening Lightning (home teeth whitening products) and Oriana Skin Therapy will host a fundraiser for the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley.

The event incorporates a special partnership between Oriana John of Oriana Skin Therapy and her close friend, Jennifer Gerard of Whitening Lightning.



“I want to give back something to the Domestic Violence Center,” said John, who at one time turned to the DVC of SCV for help. “For me, I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the support of all the women that gathered there, and we talked and shared what we’ve been through and where we’re going to go. That’s why I’m so dedicated to helping.”


Gerard, who launched Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening products in 2010 is donating the products for the fundraiser. John will perform the mobile or in-office teeth whitening services. Proceeds will go toward helping DVC officials finish building a second bathroom at their shelter home.

“They only have one bathroom at the house so that’s definitely not enough,” John said. Up to 10 women and their children typically share that single bathroom during their stay.

According to an article published by KHTS, the total cost of the project is $25,000, and to date center officials have raised approximately $17,000. Through her fundraiser, John will donate the entire $69 she makes from every teeth whitening service she performs.

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Santa Clarita residents are invited to participate in the fundraiser by purchasing teeth whitening services or gift certificates for these services by contacting John at 661-645-7016 or visiting Oriana Skin Therapy’sFacebook page.

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