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Gerard Cosmetics are trending in this month’s issue of On Trend Magazine. To see what we’re talking about please click here:!magazine/c1y68

On Trend Magazine is a division of Melissa Gregg Productions and this month Gerard Cosmetics is up front and close, featured as one of their Products Worth Talking About.

Along with yummy recipes for Cilantro Lime Chicken and Cheesy Fries, On Trend Mag shares info about what’s trending in the way of hair and fashion. There’s a lot of great information–check them out!

Are you into lip color? Gerard Cosmetics has an array of textures, colors and applications for everyone.

First on the scene in 2010 was Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss. Those who enjoy a denser, high-gloss application love this product. The glosses smell wonderful and are opaque and viscous for good coverage. You can use each color by itself, or apply two or more colors to create your own vibrant shades.

WL Jaclyn's Gems

Color Your Smile lip gloss also works well with any of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. The products have staying power, so you won’t need to apply over and over throughout the day.

Along with Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss, the first of Gerard Cosmetics lip products to grace the lips of the world’s beauties, our lipstick line has received major accolades from beauty experts and our customers. The consistency of the lipstick is smooth and provides a high-quality matte coverage you won’t need to apply every hour.

 Last Year we introduced our ever-popular lipstick line, including Hydra-matte liquid lipstick. It’s a rich, silky liquid lipstick you apply as you would our Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss. The barely-there feel is light, yet our Hydra-matte lipsticks are formulated with the same quality and care as all of our other products.

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick has received exciting reviews from magazines beauty segments on TV and makeup artists around the world. The high quality and luxurious color palettes of our lip glosses, lipsticks, and Hydra-matte liquid lipstick are addictive. Once you try one color, you’ll wish you had more. We make that easy with regular specials and bundles. Visit often so you don’t miss out.

Are you concerned about a fresh-all-day look during the scorching summer months? Read On! Slay All Day is a product you’ll want to learn more about.

Slay All Day

Summer is here and the heat is on! Try Gerard Cosmetics Setting spray and keep that fresh, newly applied look all day long.

Gerard Cosmetics setting spray refreshes as it spritzes on and holds your colors in place–exactly the way you meant your face to look when you put on your makeup.

Beauty is said to be skin deep, and we can say the same about cosmetic application. Perspiration, humidity, and heat do a number on your morning makeup, often requiring you to reapply throughout the day.  The moisture attracts dust and particles that glob onto your makeup doing further damage. Avoid this with Gerard Cosmetics setting spray! Slay All Day!

Check out On Trend Magazine today. It’s a great publication with tips and information galore. Knowing what’s trending in the world of beauty keeps you one step ahead.


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Southern California innovator and CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled her home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning onto the home teeth whitening scene in 2010. Whitening Lightning became an international rage among celebrities, entertainers, and their fans. In 2014 sister company, Gerard Cosmetics took center stage worldwide. Beauty experts around the world are thrilled and impressed by the quality of these fine cosmetic products. Visit our website to watch a collection of demo videos.

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