Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme+ Modernizes 10,000 Years of Cosmetics

Cosmetics are nothing new, but  10,000 years of use have seen a variety of expression across cultures. Topping the list of contemporary cosmetics we introduce Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme+. It smooths on gorgeous and golden and can be worn alone or used under foundation as a primer. You can also pump it in with your favorite foundation for a healthy glow. Jacyln Sweet Summer Picks

Use Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme to highlight your cheekbones. Absolutely flawless beauty has come a long way in 10,000 years!









History of Cosmetics

Six thousand years after Egyptian women began using scented oils and ointments to protect and soften their skin, Grecian women began painting their faces with white lead and staining their cheeks with crushed mulberries. Mulberries







At the same time, false eyebrows fashioned from Oxen hair were also favored by these lovelies in 3,000 BCE.

In 1,500 BCE Chinese and Japanese women went the other direction by shaving their eyebrows! They began whitening their complexions with rice powder and accenting with henna. Their teeth they painted gold or black. Hmmm….

Fast forward a few thousand years to 1,500 AD, The Renaissance. Only the aristocracy wore cosmetics; still preferring a paler complexion, replacing the lead in their face powder with …ARSENIC!

It wasn’t until 1,800 AD that people figured out that perhaps the elements they were using in their face power might be killing them. Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup improper. Not because of health risks, but because it was viewed as vulgar. It’s use was acceptable only for use by actors.

The last hundred years have seen makeup trend in a variety of directions. Youth was becoming more and more revered by many societies and makeup was seen as the secret to looking younger.

In 2014 Gerard Cosmetics launched a line of cosmetics that’s wowing contemporary beauty experts, celebrities and women who want to bring out the best in themselves. Gerard Cosmetics BB Creme+ is breaking all cosmetic barriers. Use on your face, neck and shoulders as well as on your legs, arms or decolletage for a luminous and sultry radiance.

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“A woman without paint is like food without salt.”- Roman philosopher, Plautus

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