They’re Here!!! Gerard Cosmetics Launches New Lip Liner Shades Today

WL GC Lip liners

Did you hear the news? They’re Here!!! Gerard Cosmetics launched new lipliner shades TODAY.

Since the cosmetic industry opened the curtain and revealed Gerard Cosmetics a couple years ago, the company has not ceased to amaze and delight customers worldwide. These new lip liners have makeup lovers puckering up with passion!

Last year,Gerard Cosmetics  line of lipsticks, lighted lip gloss and lip cremes were joined by a Hydra-matte lipstick line that has to be tried to fully appreciate. Whatever your preference, Gerard Cosmetics has it, and now they’ve added lipliners to the package.

What’s the difference between all of these lovely lip products? Let us show you!

Lip Gloss

First on the scene in 2010 was Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss. Those who enjoy a denser, high-gloss application love this product. The glosses smell wonderful and are opaque and viscous for good coverage. You can use each color by itself, or apply two or more colors to create your own vibrant shades.

WL Jaclyn's Gems

Color Your Smile lip gloss also works well with any of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. The products have staying power, so you won’t need to apply over and over throughout the day.

The most unique features are the stylish container and applicator. There’s a mirror on the side and the sleek applicator allows you to maintain control as you apply.


When Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks made their way into the global marketplace, customers went crazy over the new product in the Gold Bullet styled tube. The consistency of the lipstick is smooth and provides a high-quality matte coverage you won’t need to apply every hour.

WL Lipstick Peachy Keen

Just as with Color Your Smile Lip Gloss, mix and match your favorite lip colors to create special shades.  Put a layer of gloss over lipstick, or mix two shades of lipstick. Everyone loves variety!

Hydra-matte Liquid Lipstick 

Last year when Gerard Cosmetics introduced the first three shades of Hydra-matte liquid lipsticks, many people wondered … is this a glass or a lipstick? It comes in a frosty tube with an applicator like something you might use for lip gloss.  What makes it different?

WL Spring Hydra Matte

One swipe of the applicator over your lips will tell you right away, you’re dealing with something amazing. Hydra-matte liquid lipsticks go on so silky smooth you’ll barely feel them on your lips. You can trust that they have the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from all of Gerard Cosmetics lip products with an added touch of elegance.

Supreme Lip Creme

Now here’s something you may not have tried yet. Supreme Lip Crèmes are a richly pigmented and luxurious mousse formula that’s ultra-hydrating. They’re opaque yet light and comfortable to wear. Choose from three yummy colors.

WL Gerard Cosmetics Display

Visit and click on the SHOP drop-down box to find all of these luscious lip products. If you’ve only been using lipstick, try lip gloss, and if you love gloss, give the Supreme Lip Creme’s a try. Have fun!

Be sure to look for bundles and specially priced promotions.

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