Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder Worth Talking About, Says Thirty Something Magazine.

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Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder, Lucy, made the list of Products Worth Talking About in this month’s Thirty Something Magazine. Lucy bears the name of America’s favorite redhead.

Lucy, with its rosy highlights with a bit of gold shimmer, grabbed the attention of the magazine that was launched in 2013. Founder and editor, Melissa Gregg says that in her thirties she found a lack of information for her specific age demographic. So after two years of research on what magazine readers felt they were missing, her theory was proven true.  Thirty-somethings needed and wanted a “go-to resource.”

Issues such as parenting and career, finances, fashion and beauty, are addressed in Thirty Something Magazine, a digital and app-based publication and interactive platform.

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder is just one of the high quality, luxurious products introduced by what is fast becoming one of the beauty industry’s favorite cosmetic companies. Do you like lip products? A colorful selection of matte lipsticks and Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss can be found by visiting

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