Gerard Cosmetics: Five Tips For Kissably Soft Lips

Depending on what part of the world you live in, your lips may be subject to various degrees of dryness. Climate changes and weather in general can stand between you and super soft lips. Wind is a huge factor. So is licking. Licking and drying, licking and drying–this cycle will chap and cause your lips to crack.

How can you prevent dryness and make sure you have kissably soft lips? Gerard Cosmetics offers a few tips:

1)Avoid the sun for prolonged periods. If you’re going to the beach or plan to sit by the pool, be sure to protect your lips. Chapstick with sunscreen works well.

2) Oh, oh … too late! You’re lips are already dry. One remedy can probably be found in your pantry. Just a small amount of coconut oil dabbed on once or twice a week will heal dryness and soften your lips. If your lips are already chapped, dab on at night before bed and wake up with soft, supple lips that are oh, so kissable!

3) Are your lips really damaged? Mix a little lemon and sugar and gently scrub your lips. The sugar will help exfoliate dead skin and the lemon will refresh.

4) Resist biting your lips! Biting will cause your lips to peel. TOO MUCH biting can actually make them bleed!

5) Drink Lots of water. Your lips and the rest of your skin will benefit from being hydrated. In fact, dry lips are a sure-fire sign that maybe you need to hit the bottle — the water bottle — more often!

Some lipsticks can also dry lips. Use high quality lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics new line of sexy, full color lipsticks. If you like gloss, Color Your Smile lip gloss is rich, creamy and contains a plumping agent to fill out your pretty lips.

This review by Rebecca Reviews demonstrates how sleek Gerard cosmetics matte lipsticks smooth on. In this particular review, Rebecca demonstrates the hot new color, 1995, created by beauty expert, Jaclyn Hill. The shade was inspired by Kylie Jenner.                 

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