Gerard Cosmetics – What is Being Your Best Self?

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Beauty is more than skin deep—you are your most beautiful when you’re being your best self.

What is your best self?

Being your best self is a combination of a few things. In part, it’s being who you were born to be; your intrinsic self. This aspect of beauty can’t be purchased, masked or disguised unless you allow it. It’s who you are on the inside.

Who ARE you on the inside? What makes you special?

We’re all unique and being your best self means allowing that uniqueness to shine and bubble to the surface. This begins with knowing yourself and accepting the perfection that is you.

Along with whom you were born to be, being your best self incorporates who you’re evolving to be through your life’s experience. Everything you accomplish, your desires and passions—each of these come together to create your best self.

Being your best self means being true to who you are. Your outer beauty is made more brilliant through the expression of who you are on the inside.

Gerard Cosmetics celebrates you being your best self. Our products are of the highest quality—because we wouldn’t offer anything else, and because YOU deserve it. Luxurious lip products, crèmes, and facial cosmetics are yours to choose from.

Select from rich, highly pigmented lipsticks, lip gloss and more; in colors that help you express your intrinsic beauty. Be bold if you dare with colors you haven’t found anywhere else—try Borneo, Grape Soda, London Fog or Sangria.

Be demure and express your innocence. Speak softly with our delicate nudes and pinks.

Gerard Cosmetics BB Crème Plus makes being your best self SHINE. You won’t need pasty foundation. An all-in-one facial crème. Smooth it on gently and evenly for a glowing complexion.

Being your best self can mean many things. With Gerard Cosmetics you can try them all.

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