What’s Up, Buttercup? Gemma Formosa Reviews Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick

Women have been using some type of lip color for thousands of years. Gerard Cosmetics lipstick is a new kid on the block, and is grabbing attention worldwide with colors that dazzle and delight.

One of those colors is Buttercup; recently reviewed by Beauty vlogger Gemma Formosa, who began posting videos in 2010. She’s another one of our international fans. Gemma lives on the Central Coast, Australia. She enjoys all things beauty and hopes to one day become successful in the beauty industry. Gemma’s review is perfect for lighter skinned women who want to see how some of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and lip glosses look with their skin tones.

Gemma enjoys matte lipsticks and describes Buttercup lipstick as “definitely one of the must haves” from the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick collection. It differs from Nude, another one of our light colors, which has more a peachy tone. Gemma advises those with light to medium toned skin to consider Nude as a complimentary color.

Here’s a picture of Gemma wearing Buttercup lipstick:


Next in the video Gemma introduces “fun color” Tequila Sunrise, a color she says will be beautiful on most skin tones, although it will translate differently on each. Here’s Gemma wearing this popular coral lipstick:

Gemma tequila sunrise

If you like a blue pink shade, Gemma says All Dolled Up is your color. Pictured below, Gemma says, “I don’t wear this color enough, but when I do, I feel amazing. It’s such a pretty color; I just love it!”


Watch Gemma’s review by clicking on this video:


Have you tried Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and lip glosses? Visit our website and check out our gorgeous colors. Our bundles and special codes will give you the opportunity to buy several at a time. These highly pigmented and superior quality lip colors are addictive. Once you try us, you’ll be with us forever.

Thank you, Gemma from Australia, for your wonderful lip swatches and reviews. we appreciate the time you took to share them with those of us on the other side of the world.


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