Good-bye, Sticky-Lips! Try Buttery Smooth Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss

If you’ve been using lip gloss a while, you know that all lip glosses are not equal. You’ve probably tried many different brands over the years and probably have your favorites. Have you tried Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss? If you have you know the value of using a high quality product.

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Some lip glosses are poorly formulated with cheap ingredients. One of the worst things about using these products is Sticky-Lips Syndrome.  Your dry lips feel bad and look worse. Other your eyes, your smile is the first thing people see. Dried and cracking lip gloss sends out a message loud and clear. Is it the message you want to send?Dashing Makeup Color Your Smile Demo

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss is specially formulated with collagen peptide technology to hydrate and plump your lips as you smooth it on.  It’s luxurious.

Check out our colors! They’re opaque and highly pigmented for a rich, silky look. Combine glosses and even use with your favorite lipstick for your own custom look. Play with them!

You can see the color through our unique packaging, and there’s a led light and mirror attached for easy application. No more searching for a mirror or guessing in the dark.

Now through August 21st you can pick up an AWESOME deal on beauty expert, Jaclyn Hill’s Hand Picked Lip Gloss Bouquet.

No More Sticky-Lips! Color Your Smile today.

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