Happy New You! Let 2016 Be Your Year

Happy Holidays

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year. Happy New You from Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning.

Whitening Lightning begins our 6th year whitening teeth from home. We’ve whitened thousands and thousands of teeth and brightened the lives of customers all over the world. Now that’s something to smile about.

Over the years, we’ve evolved and created products to please our growing list of loyal consumers from one end of the planet to the other. We continually improve as a company to please those who put their trust in us. Your trust is very important to us and we appreciate you.

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss was first introduced through Whitening Lightning in 2010. It’s still a favorite among celebrities and makeup artists. We’ve expanded our color palette to offer a huge range of pinks, reds, purples and even blues and Borneo, which is black.

WL Jaclyn's Gems

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss not only colors your smile, but also protects your lips from the drying elements of wind, cold and the sun. Dry lips are no fun and just as drying ages the skin, it ages the lips. Color Your Smile Lip Gloss creates a layer of protection to keep your lips youthful and beautiful.

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss is formulated with a unique plumping agent to make your lips appear softer and fuller. Just take a look at some of the photos posted  by beauty experts who use it.

In just a few short hours, 2015 will be HISTORY and we’ll all take our first steps into 2016. Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning say, “Let this by YOUR year.”


Own your beauty — inner and outer. Be the best you can be and continue to thrive and grow. Accept your challenges and grow from your mistakes. Reach for the stars!

Speaking of Stars….

Have you tried our new Star Powder? Check it out here: https://www.gerardcosmetics.com/star-powder.html

WL Gerard Cosmetics Display

Happiness is a choice, so choose wisely. Happy New You!

Whitening Lightning super booster and brow bar product imageZero White Teeth Whitening Systemsale-shop-now-sidebarsultry-sixBB Creme

Southern California innovator and CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled her home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene in 2010. Whitening Lightning became an international rage among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. In 2014 sister company, Gerard Cosmetics took center stage. Beauty experts around the world are thrilled by the quality of these fine cosmetic products.


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