Melissa Parada’s Honeybee Philosophy Reviews Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss

Hey Fashionistas! In the attached review of color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss beauty expert, Melissa Parada shares a number of swatches as part of her Honeybee Philosophy on Click here to watch:

WL M 4

Melissa highlights Color Your Smile NUDE and Coral Craze in her April favorites video. She mentions the fact that EVERYONE reviews this pigment-rich and sleek lip gloss so she originally was not going to mention it, but had to because our products are among her faves and she tells why.






Melissa wears NUDE on its own and also layers with other colors. She loves our mirror and lights for applying in the dark and carries Color Your Smile with her in her purse. This beauty expert advises a light application for best results.

WL M ScentWL M 2








Color Your Smile Lip Gloss is pleasantly scented. Melissa says she prefers the cup cake scent of Seduction. Which is your favorite?

WL M 5 Swatches






Thank you Melissa for a great demo!

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