How Does Smoking Discolor Teeth?

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It makes sense if you think about it:

Tobacco and the many chemicals in it can and do stain teeth. If you’re a smoker, open wide and take a look at the back sides of your top and bottom teeth.

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This spot is the most vulnerable because it’s where the smoke passes through first when inhaled: brown, yellow and dingy right?

The main staining culprit is tar.

If you were able to brush immediately after every cigarette, you’d be more likely to control some of the staining. But since this isn’t practical, over time you’ve probably taken your teeth down a few shades on the brightness scale.

Tobacco stains are stubborn. It used to be only a trip to the dentist would help bring the sparkle back. Not any more! Whitening Lightning has an easy, painless answer.

Dial A Smile, our at-home teeth whitening system provides results in just 20 minutes. Our whitening agents dissolve the stains to reveal bright shiny teeth you’ll be proud of.

Of course the best choice for beautiful teeth and good health would be to quit smoking altogether, but until you’re ready to commit to that, give Whitening Lightning products a try.

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