Celebrity Trendsetters Styled By Hrush and Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-matte Liquid Lipstick

Who knows more about what makes Hollywood PUCKER UP than Gerard Cosmetics? With our full line of luscious lipstick and Color Your Smile lighted lip gloss, most of our loyal customers were covered. But we just introduced something ULTRA special and people are quickly taking notice.

Celebrity Artist, Hrush Achemyan is one of them. With 788.1K followers on Instagram, she’s trusted and sought after by celebs and brides as well as anyone who wants her MAGIC TOUCH on their special occasion.

WL Styled by Hrush 1

Recently, Hrush who’s been using Gerard Cosmetics on her celebrity clients, introduced our newly launched Hydra-matte Liquid Lipstick, Serenity.


What is Hydra-matte lipstick? If you prefer a matte look, you’ll LOVE this new Gerard Cosmetics product. This lip color product provides a silky matte application you can barely feel. It’s soft, smooth and velvety, but compromises nothing when it comes to color.

Serenity, the shade Hrush used on a high profile trendsetter is a warm pink with touches of brown.

WL Hydra-matte

Serenity was inspired by Sailor Moon, a children’s Japanese anime portraying a powerful woman who goes from a school girl to a crime fighting vixen. There are two other Hyra-matte liquid lipstick colors at this time: Mercury Rising, with orange hues and Aphrodite, a sensual nude color.

WL Hydra-matte lips




Styled by Hrush on Instagram is a gallery of gorgeous shots by this talented make-up artist. Take a look!
Visit Gerard Cosmetics and get to know all of our lip color products. lipstick, glosses and now Hydra-matte liquid lipstick. Gerard Cosmetics gives you lot’s of choices! Stay tuned for more in the future.

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