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Lady Writes Blog is All About Lips with Gerard Cosmetics!

Chloe, the voice of Lady Writes, is a beauty and lifestyle blogger partial to makeup, skincare and anything pretty!
She’s the Head of Social Media for an international training company and mother of a 5-year-old boy she calls a “blonde haired potential heartbreaker.”
Chloe Lady Writes Blog
Last Wednesday, July 27th, Chloe featured an awesome blog article on Gerard Cosmetics lip products.
Chloe says, “…there is one brand I feel takes precedence when it comes to matte lips because they’ve been doing it for yonks longer than the rest – Gerard Cosmetics. Gerard Cosmetics have been one of those brands who’ve inspired lip lovers the world over, and I for one was so excited to try their wonderful products.” 
Chloe, who has also been published by Huffington Post among others, began blogging six years ago and was nominated for national awards for her parenting blogs. She took a break from blogging for a few years to focus on her career and then in the summer of 2015, launched Lady Writes full time. Since then she’s worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands; among them Dermalogica, Benefit Cosmetics, Fraser Hart, Fujifilm, and Cosmopolitan.
In her beauty review of Gerard Cosmetics lip products, Chloe says, “If you haven’t heard of Gerard Cosmetics, you’ve probably seen them on Instagram. Their feed is the stuff of dreams if you love lip products. I frequently spend ages trailing through their Instagram page and admiring the shots and colours on offer. In fact, it’s their Instagram account that first drew my attention to their brand.”
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(Left to right,) Hydra Matte ‘Everything Nice’ and then ‘1995’. Then Supreme Lip Creme ‘Destiny’ and ‘Envy’

Thank you, Chloe, for writing such a great blog and an awesome review of Gerard Cosmetics lip products!

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