Lip Exfoliation? Yes, There is Such a Thing and Gerard Cosmetics Has You Covered!

Chapped Lips

Did you know there was such a thing as lip exfoliation? There is! Winter weather, the sun, licking our lips and dryness can cause lips to dry and peel. The layer of skin on top can wrinkle. There is nothing less attractive than peeling lips–especially when you apply lipstick!

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Gerard Cosmetics has a solution. But first, let’s discuss lip exfoliation; what it is and what to do about it. To keep skin looking young and smooth, we exfoliate. What does that mean?

Exfoliation means to slough off skin–dead skin to reveal the healthy skin beneath. There are a few ways to do that.

One of the areas that’s often overlooked is the lips. Throughout the day as we talk and eat, our lips are constantly moving and flexing in a variety of ways, and to keep this flexibility, our lips must continuously grow new, healthy cells and discard the old. Even smiling puts stress on our lips.

Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t very efficient at removing the old, dead cells, making manual lip exfoliation a necessity if you want to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth.

How do we do that?

Lip scrubs are a must if you want your lips soft and silky-smooth. Like other body scrubs, a lip scrub uses a gritty substance that, when rubbed on the lips, will assist in exfoliating the top layer of skin. Lip scrubs differ from other body scrubs. Since they’re used around the mouth, they’re typically safe to ingest.

Having soft lips isn’t the only reason to use a lip scrub. When the top layer of skin has been exfoliated, your cosmetics will adhere better to your lips, making things like lip gloss, lipstick and lip liner last much longer throughout the day.

Additionally, exfoliation helps your lips remain moist and retain that moisture for longer periods of time.

If you live in a colder climate this is GOOD NEWS! If you exfoliate you will suffer less from cracked and chapped lips. During winter, it’s advised to use a lip scrub once, or even twice a week. It doesn’t take very long, and can be quickly done after you brush your teeth in the morning or evening.

Here’s where Gerard Cosmetics comes in….

Introducing our Buttercream Lip Scrub!

Prep your lips daily with our Lip Scrub. It’s a gentle, mess-free moisturizing formula that will leave your lips feeling brand new! It’s perfect for priming before your favorite lip product application and/or removing long-lasting matte lipstick residue.

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