Red and Deep Pink Lipsticks are Trending for Autumn!

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There’s a chill in the air and it’s time to put away those summer colors and see what lipstick shares are trending for autumn.

Keep in mind your fall look is about more than color–it’s about lines and contours; textures and other things that make you stand out.

Does it really matter what colors we wear? What if the shades that are trending don’t look that great on you? What’s most important is finding shades that match your skin tone. Gerard Cosmetics offers advice.

Classic Red and Deep Pink  

Whether it’s trending or not, red lipstick will always be the color of choice for some. Lucky for these beauties, along with deep pink it just happens to be one of the top fall 2016 makeup colors. Red is a carry-over from spring and summer, but shades are darker and brighter this fall and winter.

Red makes a statement all by itself. It’s dramatic. If you’re going to wear it, you might want to consider darker eye makeup, thicker mascara. Maybe even smokey eyes.

If you’re a fan of red, take a look at Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-matte lipstick colors Immortal, which is a deep almost brick color and Mercury Rising, a red-orange shade.

Lipstick 5 Pack Traditional lipstick lovers will like our hot and sassy colors Fire Engine and Passion Play, if you prefer a deep pink alternative. Choose a few other colors and save money with a five pack at $95.

Are you a fan of lip gloss? Color Your Smile shades Candy Apple and Summer Sun (more orange) are luscious! Use summer sun over a darker shade of lipstick for a shiny reddish-brown look. Rose Hill and 1995 are also great for your fall look.

If you like a creamy texture, Supreme Lip Creme  Blooming Hibiscus might catch your fancy.

Using Lip Pencils 

Be sure your lip pencil colors blend nicely with your lip color. There is a trend among some to line the lips with a very dark lip pencil color (even eyeliner) and then to make matters worse by over-extending the lip line. Not good.

Use a lip pencil color that matches your lip gloss or lipstick.  Click here to see Gerard Cosmetics lip products.

You’re beautiful! Use makeup to enhance your natural look without covering up what makes you special.

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