Living with Sensitive Teeth — is Pain-free Home Teeth Whitening Possible?

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Are you living with sensitive teeth and wondering if home teeth whitening is possible? You might be surprised by the answer. Those with sensitive teeth experience the pleasure of a meal differently than those who have never experienced mouth pain. We’ve heard many stories from Zero White home teeth whitening system.

Just in case you’re learning about us for the first time, here’s a short demonstration of our easy-to-use whitening pens.

Most people love to eat, and not just to ease the ache of a hungry tummy. The colors, flavors and textures of foods add to the experience. For those who suffer from tooth sensitivity, the experience is less than enjoyable. In fact, it can be downright painful.

Tooth sensitivity can include everything from pain when chewing to temperature sensitivity. For instance, a hot cup of coffee is a pleasure in the morning, but for those suffering mouth pain due to sensitive teeth, it can be an experience they need to forgo. Lukewarm is about all they can handle.

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Have you ever seen someone drink a cup of “hot” tea with a straw, or order a cool drink without ice? They often order ice cubes with their coffee. Those with sensitive teeth know exactly what we mean.

Many teeth whitening products on the market are too painful to use because they contain irritating chemicals. Even whitening strips can sting. Does this mean those with sensitive teeth also need to suffer with dingy, yellow teeth?

Absolutely not!

Zero White home teeth whitening system by Whitening Lightning is formulated with botanicals that gently remove stains to reveal a bright smile. Zero White is Eco-friendly and like all Whitening Lightning products is cruelty-free. The best part is that it provides a pain-free experience.


Busy people: the Zero White system offers a whitening pen if you prefer to whiten on the go, or boost the brightness in between whitening treatments.

Are they inconvenient to carry with you? No! Dial A Smile and Zero White whitening pens fit easily into a purse or any kind of bag or briefcase. You can even slip them into your pocket! You’ll never have to worry about being too busy to whiten teeth with Whitening Lightning!

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Southern California innovator and CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled her home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene in 2010. Whitening Lightning became an international rage among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. In 2014 sister company, Gerard Cosmetics took center stage. Beauty experts around the world are thrilled and impressed by the quality of these fine cosmetic products. Visit our website to watch a collection of demo videos.


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