The History of Lip Color and MeiMeiMakeup Review!

Lip color is one of the longest standing cosmetic essentials ever discovered. I say discovered because in prehistoric times, colors left behind after consumption of certain fruit and vegetable juices may have lead to their use. Fast-forward from those first bits of residual color to sophisticated lip color, such as that recently introduced by Gerard Cosmetics new lipstick line that is SERIOUSLY to die for!

Let’s talk a little bit more about the history of lip color….

People have always looked for ways to distinguish themselves from others. Cosmetics, clothing, and accessories have all been used to varying degrees since prehistoric times. The practice of accentuating features has also played a part in making people attractive to the opposite sex. You might say cosmetics have directly contributed to survival of the human species!


Berries and other fruit juices, ground powder made from precious gems and other elements have been used as lip color throughout the ages, and depending on class and culture, the products became wildly marketable worldwide.

In Egypt the formulation of lip color advanced greatly. It was there that carmine color was extracted from the bodies of insects The technique is STILL widely used today, although most governments regulate presence of that pigment in our food and cosmetic products.

Gerard Cosmetics Lip Stick and Lip Glosses are highly pigmented and contain no harmful ingredients. They’re among the hottest lip color products in the world. Check out the YouTube reviews by beauty experts and hear what they have to say.

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This review by MeiMeiMakeup offers a short demo that will allow you to see first hand how gorgeous the colors are, but also introduce you to these the quality cosmetics.

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