Ms. SCV, Oriana John Rocks Her Own Combo–Gerard Cosmetics Lip Products

WL Oriana John Wild Orchid lip gloss and Grape Soda lipstick

What happens when you smooth on a layer of Color your Smile Wild Orchid Lip Gloss over a foundation of Grape Soda Lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics?

Check out Oriana John’s gorgeous smile and you’ll have the answer. Are you a purple lover like Oriana? Have fun! Design your own custom shade. Nobody said you had to stick with just one.

Gerard Cosmetics fans have been mixing and matching colors and textures for years. Two glosses or a gloss and lipstick–anything goes. It’s not only fun it’s practical. Here’s why….

Different skin tones look best with certain colors. If you like the look of a shade of lipstick, but need a little something extra to compliment your skin tone, mix it with another.

For instance, if you absolutely adore Ruby Slipper, one of our new hydra-matte shades, but could use a little more orange to compliment your skin tone, browse through our  lip glosses and lipsticks to find a shade that will give you what you’re looking for. Mix in a little touch of Summer Sun Lip Gloss and see the difference.

Here’s a swatch video created by beauty vlogger, Tiana Jess. Check out our Hydra-matte liquid lipsticks here:

If you watch all the way through this short video, you’ll see that Tiana mixes Cher and Ecstasy to come up with a lovely custom shade. Anything goes!

Those of us who love purple send a great big thank you to Ms. SCV (Santa Clarita Valley) , Oriana John for showing us her own custom Gerard Cosmetics shade and her stunning smile.

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